Antique Lota Bowl Vase

Lota Bowl Vase

Liquid is poured from this vase until it is empty. Within seconds it magically fills itself. When you empty it…it fills itself again. Empty it again and within few seconds you pour even more liquid from the vase! This vase has the ability to magically refill itself over and over again.

Up to Five or Six times you can pour 6 oz. of liquid from this vase.

Size : 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide. (This is not a thin metal cheaply made vase.) Weight 17 1/2 ounce empty.

A Quality Standard Magic Prop you will proud to own and use Over and Over again.

(The ornate design of this vase is not only attractive but it also hides any dents or scratches commonly seen in other Lota Vases used by magicians.)


Sale Price $105.00

Including Insured Shipping within the USA.




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